Located 13 miles east of Hamilton, Texas in Hamilton County, the Diamond S Ranch is only 1 hr. 45 min. southwest of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. At the northernmost part of the Hill Country, this terrain is perfect for producing trophy whitetail deer. Pete Smith started the ranch in 1990, and in the spring of 2021, turned over the operation to Jerry Pulley, who continues to bring bring in whitetail bucks from several of the top breeders in the state.


Diamond S Ranch is proud to offer some of the best whitetail hunting in Texas. Our hunt packages includes lodging and one-on-one guide service. Once you have harvested the buck of your dreams, continue to hunt for Rio Grande Turkeys, or fish for Large Mouth Bass along the banks of two stocked ponds. There are no hidden charges for tips or any other service, all of these adventures are included in your hunt package. Be assured that you will find Texas hospitality at its finest with a sincere desire to help you achieve your goals.

Throughout the year, our supplemental feeding program consists of protein, corn, alfalfa, roasted soy beans and both summer and winter food plots consisting of lab-lab, wheat, clover, biologic, oats, and cow peas. This ensures that all of our deer get the proper nutrition required to achieve maximum antler potential. Because Diamond S Hunting only harvests mature bucks of 5 years or older, our average gross B & C score is 166. For the last several years, numerous bucks have scored in the 160 gross B&C class up to 223 gross B&C. The average live body weight of bucks harvested is 235 pounds. Visit HUNT PRICES, for more information about our pricing, which is based on the gross Boone & Crockett score.